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Support people with learning disabilities to the highest standard and in line with their support plan, cultural needs and wishes. Support people to manage their own home, including supporting individuals with maintaining their tenancies and give support and guidance when individuals move home. Support people with personal care if required, which may include toileting and bathing, in line with their support plan. Support and encourage people to make choices and life decisions in line with the Mental Capacity Act requirements. Assist and encourage people to engage in everyday home, social, leisure and work activities, according to the individual’s choice. Keep accurate and up-to-date records. Support people with their finances, where necessary.


Our philosophy is to support healthcare organizations according to specific requirement. Our aim is about maximising client independence, whilst also paying close attention to their physical and emotional welfare. 

Best Workers and Medical Employers

Our agency finds only the best workers and we have high placement rates and a history of contented medical employers.

Criteria for Our Staff

At Active Care Agency our criteria for all staff that we sign up are strict, but particularly so with healthcare staff and care workers.